Get Expert Representation with a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

The arrest of health care executives and employees at HC Healthcare in July represents a swath of Medicaid fraud crackdowns occurring across Florida. There is also a surge in number of healthcare professionals looking for a Medicaid fraud lawyer. State investigators are increasing the tempo to uncover fraudulent claims and unnecessary charges for medical equipment and other medical services. The effort is welcomed in order to maintain the integrity of the industry. However, the crackdown has also exposed healthcare professionals to increased scrutiny, and the possibility of being wrongfully accused. This requires an expert Medicaid fraud lawyer who is experienced in the nuisances of the Medicaid law which leaves many vulnerable to scrutiny.

Nearly $60 billion goes to Medicaid and Medicare for unnecessary charges each year. Fraudulent billing has reached crisis proportions, and the slightest mistake in submitting a claim can raise a red flag. Primary targets include the billing practices of home health agencies, health care clinics, and medical equipment providers. A Medicaid fraud lawyer can help with answering the criminal charges. Most doctors and clinics outsource their medical coding and billing, which makes them indirectly responsible for billing errors. Human error by the outsourced company or an employee could be the issue, rather than an act of fraud. Still, receiving a notification about a pending audit is daunting. Hiring a Medicaid fraud lawyer will ensure that the charges are properly answered.

In some cases, state and federal charges are filed against health care providers as the government attempts to eliminate wasteful Medicaid and Medicare spending. Arrests and criminal charges will continue as investigations uncover Medicaid billing for equipment that is never used by patients. As the authorities weed out the criminals, the system will improve for the providers who fulfill their duty each day. Everyone is affected by Medicaid fraud: taxpayers, patients, and honest healthcare providers. Taxpayers bear the excessive expense; patients could be denied coverage for needed services; healthcare providers are lumped into the category with individuals who are gaming the system. A Medicaid fraud lawyer will ensure providers retain the right to charge for services rendered.


September 28th, 2010