Medicare Fraud Attorneys Will Be In Demand

Criminals looking for easy money have found a gold mine defrauding Medicare. Medicare fraud has taken a multi-billion dollar toll on the taxpayer-funded service for years. The Obama administration has found combating fraud as an area to combat the rising cost of medical care in the United States. Task forces have been formed and scores of investigators hired and assigned to investigate these cases. This will result in a need for a Medicare fraud attorney to ensure the rights of those accused are preserved.

Fraudsters have been using several schemes to access the seeming endless cash supply Medicare has provided. Investigators are catching on. Federal law enforcement has been focusing on businesses and physicians submitting false bills to Medicare for payment. In these cases the procedures or services were never received, but Medicare was billed. In some cases thieves were so bold as to use the names of deceased doctors to submit bogus claims. The Medicare payment center processed claims and mailed out checks totaling in the millions. Investigators estimate at lease $60 billion per year is being pilfered from the Medicare system, a system that is intended to provide medical insurance services to the elderly or those who are disabled.

In 2009 President Obama’s administration dedicated resources to establish The Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team. This team’s goal is to aggressively pursue and prosecute those defrauding the Medicare system. This will ultimately result in large numbers of people facing criminal charges for Medicare fraud.

With the increased focus of investigating these crimes there will be an increased need for the services of a Medicare fraud attorney. The Medicare system is very unique and it is vital those criminally charged, or being investigated for fraud are represented by a Medicare fraud attorney who has the expertise to represent client interests. A Medicare fraud attorney will be able to protect the rights of those under the scrutiny of Federal investigators. If a person has been indicted for defrauding Medicare it is crucial the person seek out the services of a Medicare fraud attorney. These attorneys have the expertise to navigate the Medicare system and understand the unique circumstances in providing a solid legal defense.


September 28th, 2010